Meet Ibrahim AlNashashibi

(painter, poet, author)

Ibrahim AlNashashibi (painter, poet, author) Image by: Melody Solomon

The creative soul and artistic style of Ibrahim AlNashashibi were formed in the old city of Jerusalem where he was born in 1950. His family roots are deeply embedded in old Jerusalem. Going back hundreds of years, his ancestors have been prominent citizens and have included well-known poets, writers, politicians as well as religious leaders such as a great grandfather "prince Nasser Aldeen AlNashashibi."

AlNashashibi earned his Law degree in 1972 in Beirut; he practiced law in the Gulf until 1986, then choosing a second home in San Diego. He established Fairouz restaurant, a family business, which has become one of San Diego’s best cafes for Middle Eastern food. His restaurant has become not only a gallery but also his studio.

The award-winning artist, AlNashashibi, evokes a variety of emotions with abstract images and uses his creative art to convey his thoughts about key concepts in the lives of humans now and in the future. His creative use of acrylics, watercolor, ceramics, and murals expresses the images from within his soul. He uses a kaleidoscope of colors to reflect his view of people and life throughout time, and depictions of life in Jerusalem portrayed as the City of Love and as the Mother of Humanity.

Art critics and art lovers respond to his vibrant canvases and his capability to paint with the spontaneity of a child. At the other extreme one finds the philosopher in full motion.

AlNashashibi says, “all of us come into the world with the same human frailties, but we project a different outer image in every day life.” Which is also depicted in his art form.

U.S.I.U. designated him “The Artist With A World Vision”.  S.W. Cable, ABC and Al Jazeera have created documentaries featuring the life and the art of AlNashashibi.

His worldwide exhibits include the U.N. Building, the I.M.F. in Washington D.C., Japan, Canada, Moscow, Mexico, Panama, Dubai, Cairo, Amman, Jerusalem, and Gaza.




(originals and prints available at Fairouz Cafe & Gallery)


Written With Colors
Drawn With Words

Written With Colors Drawn With Words

Poetry and Art Book by Ibrahim AlNashashibi

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In January of 2015 Ibrahim AlNashashibi's poetry and art book Written With Colors Drawn With Words was released
and copies are available through our website and
Fairouz Cafe & Gallery.

In this magnificent poetry and art book you will be taken on a
beautiful journey that will awaken your heart's desire
for love, connecting you to your inner child
who's enthusiasm for curiosity and kindness
is unparalleled.

"Life is a remote virgin Island designed
differently for each of us and waiting to be explored"


"It is our choice to create for
ourselves the castle of happiness,
or the cocoon of misery"

Exerts from
Written With Colors Drawn With Words
by Ibrahim AlNashashibi