The AlNashashibi family welcomes you to Fairouz Cafe & Gallery. A family owned and operated restaurant established in 1984, Where your palate and soul will be enriched through fine Mediterranean food, and Universal Art. Fairouz Cafe & Gallery is a place that delivers healthy food from old recipes which withstood the test of time. Our recipes use fresh ingredients blended with exquisite spices to enhance taste, nurture health, and are always prepared with love. Gourmet food for vegans, vegetarians, and succulent meat dishes for the carnivores alike. The buffet at Fairouz Cafe & Gallery is a daily fresh feast waiting to be shared with our friends whom we love dearly. Bon Appetit.

Our Heritage

Brothers Rammy, Ibrahim, and Sammy AlNashashibi.

There are some people whose contribution make the world a better place. Fairouz, the famous Lebanese singer is certainly one of those blessed souls. Not only for her heavenly voice, but also for her big heart and compassion towards those who are most vulnerable. Throughout the hard times in Lebanon, her noble gestures made her standout as a force of benevolence.

Fairouz in Arabic means breathtaking turquoise stone, Turquoise is also one of Alnashashibi's favorite colors. As a tribute to this amazing lady's positive, creative, and healing energy. The concept of Fairouz Restaurant & Gallery was conceived.

Our Food

The Alnashashibi family established and operated Fairouz restaurant in 1984, with the hospitality that originated from their beloved city of Jerusalem. As you enter Fairouz Restaurant you will feel at home, among friends and family. A welcoming with open hearts to enjoy healthy food and a peaceful time.

We at Fairouz believe that food is a love token  for people to share. Borbara is a desert included in our buffet that mixes barley with cinnamon, raisins, and syrup, to create a healthy treat that people commonly share in celebration of Easter. A treat which people say goes back to the times of Jesus.

Our Art

Fairouz restaurant is a collection of different forms of art. Ibrahim Alnashashibi believes that art is all around us. Art is in the beauty of nature, as well as in the human composition inseparably bounded with the mighty threads of love. Anything that is made with love is an art form. At Fairouz Restaurant we love nothing more than to prepare your food with all our love and creativity. Creating a unique atmosphere that transcends time and takes you into an uplifting journey away from the daily challenges of life. Giving you the space of this unique eatery-gallery to enjoy the company of your loved ones surrounded by many of Alnashashibi's beautiful vibrant paintings as they take life and embrace the walls of our restaurant.

Ibrahim Alnashashibi, a creative soul of many virtues loves sharing his journey, creativity, and love with what he calls his Chosen Family. A family of creative builders who constantly and diligently worked towards the progress of humanity, for the love of life, and people.

“Chosen Family”  includes.

Khalil Gibran
Abraham Lincoln
Pablo Neruda
Vincent Van Goh
Mother Teresa
Jimmy Carter
Ernest Hemingway